In Slack, you can create two types of channels. A public one (for all members of your workspace) or a private (for people you invite).

Also, in Slack you might not have an ability to create a channel – this is caused by your administrator restricting permissions to do so.

1.Open up your Slack workspace

The very 1st step to creating a new Slack workspace is to log in into your Slack workspace.

2. Click “+” icon to open up context window

Now on the left menu, find a section called “Channels“. With your mouse cursor hover over the “Channels” text and a “+” icon should appear at the end of the line.

If you don’t see the “+” icon it means you do not have a sufficient permission to create a new channel.

3. Click “Create a new channel” option

Click the “+” icon and you should see a contextual menu pop up. From there click “Create a channel“.

4. Fill the channel information

Now a new window shows up asking you to fill the information about the newly created channel:

  • a channel name – it is required
  • a channel description – this one is optional
  • a channel visibility – PRIVATE / NOT PRIVATE

Simply fill the information and click “Create”.