Spongebob, Scooby Doo, pokemons, memes... whatever your favourite way of expressing an emotion inside your community - it is possible to be accomplished in Slack by creating a custom emoji.

Custom emoji is a great way how to make your experience even more personal, because emoji like 🥶 😩 🥰 🦚 can amplify what you intend to say, but everybody in our lifetime had a joke that way funny only in a certain groups of friends - and this is exactly what custom emoji can accomplish for you 😋.

How to create a custom emoji in Slack (simple guide)

This will be just a simple guide. A more advanced one will be down below, in case you need.

1. Visit an URL: https://app.slack.com/customize/emoji
2. Click the button "Add custom emoji"
3. Upload your emoji and enter a name
4. Click "Save"

That's it! You've just created your custom emoji in Slack! Was that easy 🥳 !

However, if you're not that advanced as far as technical side goes and that very brief guide is not enough, we've prepared a bit advanced guide with more description and screenshots.

So let's get down right to it!

How to create a custom emoji in Slack (advanced guide)

1. Go to your Slack window and click on the workspace name to fire up the workspace options:

2. Then within the list of options find "Settings & Administration" and within that, click "Customize"

3. Within the new opened window there appears a section with "Emoji" that are available inside your workspace. Click the green button "Add custom emoji"

4. Once you click the button "Add custom emoji" a popup window will be shown, where you just upload your custom emoji, put down a short name and it is ready to be used!

Then you just click "Save" and your emoji is ready to be used!


What is the possible format for the emoji?
The preferred image format is PNG with a transparent background and square dimensions. But, if you upload a non-transparent JPG file with rectangular dimensions, your emoji will work just fine 🙂 .

What is the maximum file size for the emoji?
This is something you you need to take into consideration, because Slack limits the maximum file size for the emoji. Currently, it is 128KB and if you upload a larger file, Slack will reject it and you will have to downsize the image and upload it again.

In this day and age you can resize your images without a need for a photo editor and you will find dozens of free online editors, for example: https://lmgtfy.com/?q=resize+image+online.

Useful links

- https://app.slack.com/customize/emoji
- https://slack.com/intl/en-sk/help/articles/206870177-Add-custom-emoji-to-your-workspace