Frequently Asked Questions about The Top Chat

FAQs About The Top Chat. You've got questions. We've got a lot of answers.

What is The Top Chat?

The Top Chat allows you to delay sending of messages for people, chats and groups!

How does The Top Chat work?

We've got a simple tutorial. Here's a link

Do I need to use Slack in my company, if I want to use The Top Chat?

Yes, you do.

Do I need to have purchased Slack premium version or I can use The Top Chat with free version of Slack?

No, you don't.

Is The Top Chat affiliated or in any way connected to Slack?

No. The Top Chat is not affiliated or in any way connected with Slack.
The Top Chat is an addon you can use while using Slack in your company.

Does The Top Chat comply with GDPR and CCPA policies?

Yes. We are very aware of our responsibilities to you and your personal information. How we handle your personal information you can read in our Privacy Policy document, which is always a requirement to be read and agreed upon, when signing up for our services.

How many users and teams can I use The Top Chat with?


Does The Top Chat work well with different timezones?

The Top Chat sends messages in your timezone - so you need to plan it accordingly.

How does The Top Chat processes my payments?

We use secure payment services provided by Stripe. The Top Chat is not storing any information about your credit/debit cards.

What is your procedure for handling requests for data deletion?

Your account and data will be deleted upon request as described in our Terms of Service.

What's the answer to everything?

It's 42.

Does unicorns exist?

Lol, sure they do.

Why are you posting embarassing questions at the end of your FAQ?

We think it's funny. That's why.