Recurring messages
in Slack

Have your messages sent automatically
every week or even every day.

The Top Chat - Slack Recurring messages


1. Install The Top Chat plugin

Firstly visit our homepage and install The Top Chat.

2. Find a conversation to create a recurring message to

Now, you simply open up your Slack workspace, find a person, a conversation or a group where you would like to send a recurring message.

Use a newly added command /repeat that will trigger a dialog window where you'll fill the message, time and days to repeat the message.

Slack command repeat to create a recurring message
Slack command delay to schedule a message

3. Open up dialog using a command

The command /delay will open a dialog window with the interface that contains the message, the time and days when the message should be recurring.

Slack create recurring message dialog window
A dialog window in Slack for recurring messages

4. Done, the message will be sent with recurrence

And this is it. Once you see this confirmation screen, your message has been successfully set up as recurring and will be sent regularly on the days you chose.

In case you sported a typo or an error in your message, no problem with that. You can easily EDIT or DELETE the recurring message via our web interface from your account.

Slack recurring message dialog window confirmation
Confirmation of scheduling your message

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