Slack is very useful communication tool that you probably spend a lot time in. Sometimes it can be very time and mindpower consuming to go through “clicking routines”, like for example clicking that button for finding a conversation, making the text BOLD or just opening up the Saved items.

That’s why in this guide I’ve put together most used keyboard shortcuts I use on the regular basis saving me dozens of additional clicks:

  1. jumping to a conversation (in channels, DMs or conversations)
  2. marking a message as unread
  3. marking all messages in a conversation as read
  4. basic text edits
  5. create a new line in your message

1. Jump to a conversation

For windows




2. Marking a message as unread

This one is a life-saved. Sometimes you just can’t read a message right away and in that case you either reply you will do it later and you forget about it 😀 or you do read the message and decide to deal with it later, in this case you should mark it as unread so as the notification bell will get a red color informing you there is something unread.

While holding Alt/Option key on your keyboard and clicking the message Slack will mark all of the following messages as unread.

For Windows

Alt+ click on message


Option + click on message

3. Marking all messages in a conversation as read

While making a message unread is very useful option, there has to be a way how to mark all messages as unread. From time to time it happens that Slack just marks randomly a conversation as unread and it just won’t let you mark the conversation as read.

In this case there is an easy way how to remedy this, just by using a keyboard shortcut, you can mark the whole conversation as read.

For both, Windows and MAC

Esc (or escape) key

4. Basic text edits

Basic text edits mean:

  • make text bold
  • make text italic

It’s very easy to do it in a very inefficient way of using the toolbar buttons, but let’s be honest here, when you are messaging on a daily basis, it can get pretty annoying.

That’s why you can use keyboard shortcuts to do those basic text edits.

For Windows



CMD+b / CMD+i

5. Create a new line in your message

Imagine, hitting Enter and what happens? You have just unintentionally sent your message and you just wanted to create a new line.

That happen’s.

But there’s remedy that works across Windows or MAC.


Will add a new line into the message editor and thus you can create multi-line message.

Wrap up

Hopefully this guide was helpful for you and will allow you to save some more useless clicks while interacting with colleagues on Slack.