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The Top Chat benefits Multi timezone
The Top Chat benefits DMs, chats, groups
The Top Chat benefits Schedule up to 30 days
Schedule (delay) Slack message in a conversation

Over 4000+ messages already sent later

What's included?

DMs, chats and private groups

The Top Chat works easily for any conversation in Slack you need.

The Top Chat - Schedule message in Slack chat dialog

No timezone issues

The Top Chat uses your timezone from your Slack account automatically, so you don't have to worry about the time conversion.

The Top Chat - Schedule message in Slack chat dialog

Web App Interface

The Top Chat allows you to access the web inteface, where you can manage the planned messages.

The Top Chat - Schedule message in Slack chat dialog

How does scheduling work?

The Top Chat - Preview Schedule Slack Message GIF


1. Install The Top Chat plugin

Firstly visit our homepage and install The Top Chat.

2. Find a conversation to schedule a message to

Now, you simply open up your Slack workspace, find a person, a conversation or a group where you would like to send a scheduled message.

Use a newly added command /delay that will trigger a dialog window where youl'll fill the message and scheduling time.

Slack command delay to schedule a message
Slack command delay to schedule a message

3. Open up scheduling dialog popup

The command /delay will open a dialog window with the interface that contains scheduling date, time and the message you want to send.

Slack schedule message dialog window
A dialog window in Slack for scheduling messages

4. Done, the message will be sent with delay

And this is it. Once you see this confirmation screen, your message has been successfully scheduled and will be sent in the time frame you chose.

In case you sported a typo or an error in your message, no problem with that. You can easily EDIT or DELETE the scheduled message via our web interface from your account.

Slack schedule message dialog window
Confirmation of scheduling your message

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